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We are suppliers of Eco friendly woven bags on wholesale distribution to world markets from Kenya. We have been appointed sole distributor for jute products by some Far East Manufacturer as Agency for the East Africa region.



Distributor for eco friendly bags in Kenya

We are distributors of woven bags on wholesale in Kenya Tanzania Uganda Rwanda Burundi Ethiopia and Sudan
Bags supply Kenya


ECO FRIENDLY BAGSRe-usable eco friendly bags Kenya
Green Tec Irrigation Ltd
markets and sells the best eco friendly, jute burlap bags both for shopping and storage bags in East Africa. Green Tec Irrigation Ltd has partnered with a world renowned firm in the Far East Jute Factory, to become their sole distributor and supplier of jute products in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda Ethiopia and Burundi for jute products.



1.  Tote gift promotional bags 7’ x 9’ x 4’
Tote bags supply

Tote bags supplier










2. Small shopping bags 9’ x 11’ x 4’

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3. Medium size shopping bags 12’ x 12’ x 8’

Eco friendly jute bags supplier KenyaKenya shopping bagswholesale jute bags in Kenya













4. Large size shopping bags 15’ x 13’ x 6’

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Jute storage bags

Jute sacks food grade 100 kg/ 3 blue stripes/ hemmed at mouth

44’ x 26.7’

100 Doz

2100 x 100

2220 x 50


Jute storage bags

Binola jute sacks 50kg

37’ x 22.5’

100 Doz

1860 x 100

1980 x 50


Jute storage bags

Binola jute sacks 25kg

27’  x 22’

100 Doz

1560 x 100

1680 x 50


Jute shopping bags

Binola jute shopping bags (small)



100 Doz

5400 x 100

6600 x 50


Jute tote bags | Gift Promotion bags

Binola jute tote bags

7’ x 9’ x 4’

100 Doz

5400 x 100

6600 x 50


Jute shopping bags

Binola jute shopping bags (medium)



100 Doz

6600 x 100

7800 x 50


Jute shopping bags

Binola jute shopping bags (large)



100 Doz

7800 x 100

9000 x 50




Our bags can be custom made for your requirements. We supply high quality bio degradable jute shopping bags from Kenya to the African region and world markets. We ensure all quantities ordered are supplied in good time and lead times vary depending on urgency.



We supply high quality bio degradable eco friendly bags from Kenya to African markets such as Tanzania Congo Madagascar Uganda Rwanda Zambia Ethiopia and west African countries Ghana Nigeria Niger Benin Togo or Ivory coast.



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Please arrange to share your requirements at earliest to serve you on wholesale rates.


Go green- save the environment with Green Tec bags


Green Tec Irrigation Ltd has been awarded:
"Best Biodegradable Bag Supplier 2019 - East Africa Sustainability Award for Eco-Friendly Products 2022 " by MEA Markets African Excellence Awards.

Green Tec awarded MEAAfrica excellence award goes to Green Tec Irrigation 2019
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