Farmers in East Africa have tested and tried Eva and Anna F1 tomatoes and discovered that these are the best tomatoes to grow under greenhouses for modern farming techniques. Yields have phenomenal outputs, with a stem of Eva and Anna F1 producing as high as 70 kgs of tomatoes.

Tomatoes are generally highly susceptible to diseases requiring heavy application of pesticides but under the greenhouse growing techniques, most of common infections are easily kept at bay. Also kept at bay are insects and other pests known to invade plants as well as weeds.

Apart from huge savings on crop protection chemicals, which constitute a huge part of production costs, less labour is employed in a greenhouse, while exposure to chemical toxins associated with application is minimised or eliminated altogether. It is also good for the environment.



Greenhouse tunnels under construction KenyaConstruction of modern farming greenhouses in kenya










Greenhouse farming technology in Kenya

There are various greenhouse sizes made in Kenya and we have about 4 sizes that we normally work with and have supplied most farmers with;


4 x 5  m
6 x 10 m
6 x 12 m
6 x 15 m
8 x 15 m
8 x 25 m
8 x 30 m
8 x 30 m
8 x 45 m
8x 65  m



Constructing greenhouses in Kenya

Our tunnels come complete with a 500ltr water storage tank,bed forming, free soil testing and technical agronomic support offered by weekly visits to farmers. We use galvanized steel tunnels in constructing green houses, for they are more durable than wooden structures. The Tunnel is covered with EVA plastic film, 150 or 200 microns with UV-protected function, guaranteed for 1 years and can be used for 3 years.
The purpose of greenhouse cover is to separate the inside from the outside environment and to transmit as much light as possible. The film optimize light  transmission and plant growing processes. Enough light stabilizer is added to enhance the life of the film, our film is a new generation 3 layer co-extruded greenhouse cover to improve light transmission and lift crop production.

Unique among these covering materials are muiti-layered polythene films often refered to as “EVA films” that include 10% EVA,UV inhibitors and colorants to filter or enhance light quality, additives that offer anti-drip and anti disease properties, as well as cooling and thermal benefits, with diffusion which is ideal for tropical conditions of east Africa

Tunnel green house kenya

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