Road Construction and maintenance
For more than a quarter of a decade Green Tech has been a key partner in meeting the region's insatiable demand for improved infrastructure. With integrated resources and formidable team of experts the client is guaranteed attainment of project goals Prism remains safety oriented, financially sound, highly motivated, professionally managed and strategically positioned. We execute all phases of road construction to include, but not limited to: earth work, utilities, drainage, concrete and asphalt paving, bridge construction, as well as aggregate production and manufacture of asphalt pavement

We have worked with KeRRA (Kenya Rural roads Authority) and KuRRA (Kenya urban roads Authority) to construct and engage the communities in road site clearance, bush clearing, excavation and filling for structures, road maintenance, bridge works, labour based construction, culvert and drainage works, grading and gravelling, bituminous surface treatment, concrete works, road furniture and day works.

dirt road construction grading bitummen road construction