The most common problems

Filters: if they are too small, they clog very quickly. Emitter clogging: can shorten the lifetime of a drip system considerably. Leakage: is requent if fittings are not done properly, especially at connections. Fragile drip line material: Avoid damage while handling or during seeding. Plugs, pipes and hoses may also break due to brittleness of the plastic. Animal damage: insects, rodents or other animals may damage the pipes in the field and during storage. Thin-wall hoses and thin polyethylene pipes are most susceptible. Pest attraction: Pests may find a refugee in the drip field, especially during dry spells or in the dry season, when everything else is dry. Kits, spare parts and reliable extension services: They may be lacking.

Theft may be a problem if the system is installed far from the house.