We are a contractor construction company that assist construct and excarvate affordable dams both small, large and medium sizes with modern equipment. During the construction set up and design, bill of quantities are necessary inorder to ascertain costs and applicable rates. We either do fresh excarvation or desilt to rehabilitate existing dams.

We also set up water reservoirs for storage needs like water tanks constructed out of bricks or stones. Most farmers have really benefitted from our innovations throughout East Africa.


Sand dam in eastern Kenya MwingiCheap sand dams in East Africa

Most of the rain water in East Africa goes to waste as there are not adequate measures undertaken to preserve this water in reservoirs. We therefore highly encourage residents to construct dams and water catchments to maximise water storage initiatives and as a result protect the environment. The advantages of so doing are numerous.


We provide water dams both for individuals and communal. Communities may come together to form informal groups which identify a committee with one objective of identifying a location for a dam site. The structures store water for livestock, irrigation and domestic use.


Cost of Water Pans Earth dams construction Kenya

Cost of Sand dams and small dams excarvation in Kenya

Dams design excarvation contruction in Kenya

Although design and construction of dams in different areas shows some variability, as each site is different and the design has to be modified accordingly, all dams have a similar basic design. Rivers vary in width and discharge, rock foundations vary in depth and susceptibility to leakage, riverbanks may be high or low. The location of a sand dam should be chosen such that: it is feasible on technical grounds, it has high storage capacity, it has minimum cost and it is convenient to the community using it.

A sandy soil layer with sufficient water retaining capacity and the possibility to build up such a layer is important; the sand provides the storage space within the pores. Sometimes water may be needed at a location with unfavorable conditions. These dams require minimum maintenance and most dams appear to have no serious problems with the type of sediment behind the dam.           

Sand-storage dam water is mainly used for uses that do not strictly require safe water. The relatively low use of dam water for drinking is explained by the fact that many dams studied are still in the filling stage and have stagnant water, which is only safe for other purposes. Community participation or individual efforts are encouraged to initiate sand dams.

Mature dam construction

River catchments are utilized with the help of cooperatives and organized groups, to tap huge reservoirs and convert them into major mature dams. These help harvest tons of water during rainy seasons. Advantages are many such as growing economic activities, like horticulture, irrigation, brick making and bee-keeping, water for construction, water for animals, which are all activities related to water use from storage dams or to timesaving as water is readily available. The long term advantage is alleviation of poverty and food security.

Constructing dams in Africa using heavy equipment

Mature dam construction in Kenya