Green Tec Irrigation East Africa was initiated with the objective of alleviating poverty in Africa with the introduction of modern farming techniques.


Green Tec is an East African organization with a long term objective of alleviating poverty and implementation of MDG’s (millennium development goals) and vision 2030 through ‘living green’. This is enabled by initiation of modern agricultural practices like growing crops in greenhouses, reforestation and provision of water resources with irrigation methods in the rural communities. We work with farmers and provide affordable greenhouses in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda as well as offering them technical knowhow on growing crops commercialy.


We emphasize on growing short time crops from greenhouses because the advantages outweigh the normal agricultural practices, for instance, it takes a shorter period (two months) for greenhouse produced tomatoes to mature, while it takes a minimum three months with outdoor farming. One plant has a potential of up to 15 kg at first harvest, going up to 70 kg by the time it has completed its full cycle — recommended at one year.

We construct, sale and supply affordable greenhouse units and offer technical advice and follow up with farmers who have contracted us. By the end of the season, we ensure the farmer is satisfied and has returns on investment, thus realizing our goal of making a better greener East Africa and a satisfied fed population.