We supply, sale and construct affordable net houses and shade houses greenhouses that are prefered by farmers

in Kenya for best farming practices.

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Shade nets are supplied in different thickness 55%, 70% and 90% or 3 gaunge, 6 and 9 gaunge

The shade nets are 4 x 50 meters for a standard roll.


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1. Covering
The Tunnel is covered with net houses, guaranteed for 0.5 year and can be used for years. The purpose of greenhouse net cover is to separate the inside from the outside environment and to transmit as much light as possible. The film optimizes light transmission and plant growing processes and anti disease properties, as well as cooling and thermal benefits, with diffusion which is ideal for tropical conditions of east Africa
2. General
2.1 foundation- Foundation concrete to anchor the stabs will be supplied by client. The quality of the concrete should be as per the bill of quantities. The proportions should be in the ratio 1:3:6 and a diameter of 8” or 200mm
2.2 steel structure- The whole tunnel is constructed with steel pipe, anti-rust treated. The pipe thickness is 1.2mm, with 32mm diameter. The connections of the tunnel are by clamps, bolts and nuts, no welding is done.
2.3 film locking system single ‘D’ locking profiles for the roof arch ridge, lower purlin left side and right side and both the movable vent arm with c profile and ‘W’ plastic coated and UV stabilized spring option.
OUR SERVICE- Wherever possible we survey the site and examine the pre- construction, and do the designs at a small fee.
The structure is developed for easy installation and there is very minimal parts/clamps, resulting to very limited chance of maintenance or failure, but still, there is a full range of spares for any future replacements.

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